Hakeem Mohd Faiyaz Ali

Dawakhana Faiz Unani

Dawakhana Faiz unani is an integrated unani medicine manufacturing company in the service of mankind with ISO certified registration. Ayush certified company .

It was incorporated in the year of 1972 by Hakeem Mohd Faiyaz Ali, s/o. late. Hakeem Mohd Osman Ali situated in the city of Hyderabad.
Now Dawakhana Faiz Uanani is growing under CEO MOHD AMJAD ALI FAIZ from the last 15 years.

It is a research based unani medicine manufacturing company producing a wide range of quality, affordable unani medicine trusted by healthcare unani professionals and patients across geographies.

Company has a national footprint in 12 states of India with 29 distributors & we are one of the founder Member of unani drug manufactured association (UDMA).

We mainly focus on quality standard and cost effective   product at all times. we want to mark our presence  in our society by creating a portfolio of reasonable cost medicine to available all and service to the patients for achieving a good result.

Our Mission

Uphold our social responsibilities of delivering highest standard healthcare services to all segments of society without compromising on our core values of integrity, good ethics and commitment.To become a globally acclaimed pharmaceutical company through development and introduction of wide portfolio of Pharmaceutical.

We are getting very good patronage from doctors, distributors and general public.

Moto we are going to start export soon to UAE.ASIAN  COUNTRIES ,

We look forward for further patronage and guidance in the serve of mankind

The Company boasts of the largest number of Unani Physicians on board to deliver a sophisticated, traditional yet scientific nuance to every activity of the Company. The voice of Unani Physicians is paramount in the field of health & medicine, and the company believes that it is through their guidance & support can its mission of serving Unani be achieved, in the only way that it should.